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Heather E.M. Liwanag Ph. D.


I am interested in the physiological adaptations of animals to their environment, and the evolutionary processes involved in those adaptations.

Much of my research has focused on thermoregulation - the regulation of body temperature - in both endotherms and ectotherms.

Curriculum Vitae

Graduate Students

       Daniel Haro  

       Melissa Voisinet  

       Emma Weitzner  


       Ellie Brauer    

       Paula Eberle    

       Riley Ellis-Reis    

       Nadine Filippi    

       Haley Gonzales    

       Katherine Holst    

       Rebecca Immel    

       Sarah Landy    

       Madeline McDonald    

       Allison Nai    

       Kendra Rekevics    

Katrina Pine
       - B.S., Biology 2017

Shawn Hannah
       - B.S., Biology 2016

Simone Mangini
       - B.S., Biology 2016

Hali Morgenroth
       - B.S., Animal Science 2016

Parisa Mokhtari
       - B.S., Biology 2016