Professional help for writing modern and coherent persuasive essays

In order to write a quality persuasive essay, you will have to gather a lot of information and systematize it. This is not as easy as it sounds and quite often you will have to rely on professional help to succeed in this work.

An essay of this kind requires a meticulous approach and knowledge in regard to the basic rules of writing. We shall discuss what standard procedures you will have to follow to complete the task of composing a decent persuasive or argumentative essay.

What do you need in order to compose an argumentative essay?

Useful tips for composing a persuasive essay:

  • Take into account all the possibilities and choose your side of the argument. Be sure to counter any existing questions that you know of already. Study the topic well and prepare a clear resolution. Take time to think about the subject and come up with a well-defined thesis.
  • Study your future audience. You need to know in advance whether your audience will be on your side of the argument and the reasons why they would have any counterarguments. It is important to comprehend every side of your subject and find the right proof behind your own point of view.
  • Make sure to study the topic you are going to write about. Your goal here is to bring enough evidence for your argument in order to counter any kind of an opposing argument, which may appear from your audience. Libraries and online resources are the best places to go to in search of relevant information and statistics.
  • The structure of your argumentative essay has to be thoroughly planned in advance. After you have gathered all the necessary facts and data, it is time to place it all in an order that is going to be understandable for your audience or readers. Every fact has to connect with your general idea.
  • Find enough facts to support your main idea. As long as you have credible resources, a personal experience or observations, you can form an idea around your thesis. Avoid any plagiarism and make sure to cite the sources in the text. Every fact has to come from sources that can be trusted and verified at any given moment. All the data is an extremely important tool that will allow you to convey your personal opinion. You will have to persuade your audience that you know the subject really well and there’s no point in trying to find any counterarguments. Multiple examples will facilitate your work.

The structural pattern of an essay

Keeping to a basic structure is the first thing you need to remember when writing an argumentative essay.

1. The introductory part. It is necessary to grab the attention of your audience from the very start and this has to be done in the introduction paragraph. This is where you will set the main objectives, which you will have to expend upon in the following part of your paper.

2. Body paragraphs. Here is where you will have to present all your arguments in a coherent form. Make sure to link all the paragraphs to the main subject while each of them focuses on different aspects of your thesis. Offer examples, statistics and valuable data to support your arguments.

3. The conclusion. This is the final part of your essay where you will have to return to the main statement included in the introduction. This is where you write about your own point of view and make sure that your audience won’t have any doubt in your presented arguments.

Literature review writing service for those in need

Before writing a review of literature, it is necessary to clearly articulate the idea what it must carry in itself. The purpose of the review, first of all, is to describe what was done on the problems. Moreover, the review of the literature should, if possible, justify the need for further research. That is, it must be shown that the study of the issue touched upon in the work, on the one hand, is topical and promising, but, on the other hand, has not really been carried out yet or was carried out in insufficient volume.

Quality criteria of literature review

Several criteria can be singled out for the quality of the literature review. They include:

  1. form of presentation of the material
  2. the content of the review
  3. compliance with the expectations of the supervisor
  4. scope of the review
  5. used literature

Form of presentation – the review should be well structured. Practice shows that the presence of a clear structure facilitates the perception of the material and significantly improves the subjective perception of the work written in scientific language.

Content – the review should:

  • consider the issues quite full and deep
  • important questions should not be missed in it
  • match the topic of the dissertation

The content of the literature review is the most important characteristic that determines its perception. If the review is satisfactory to the supervisor, the remaining criteria – such as the scope of the survey and the number of sources used in it – will not cause significant questions. So, if the amount is too high or too low, the scientific supervisor will treat this with loyalty. With a small number of sources in the list of literature, the scientific adviser will sympathize with the explanation that the topic has not been studied enough and will agree with the simple ways of formal increase in the number of sources.

If the content is poorly written, the secondary indicators of the quality of the review (insufficient or excessive volume of literary review, insufficient or excessive number of references, etc.) will catch your eye and cause questions.

Importance of literature review in scientific works

If the review does not satisfy the scientific adviser, its completion may require an infinitely large number of corrections. In some cases, it is easier to write a new survey from scratch than to refine the review that does not suit the scientific adviser.

Thus, it is the content that should be placed at the heart of the literature review. At the same time, a thorough in-depth study of the topic is not a guarantee of high content evaluation: formally, the content of the review can be performed qualitatively, but it does not correspond to the topic of scientific work.

This is a common mistake, which is often the root cause of the discrepancy between the survey and the expectations of the supervisor. Turning to the specifics, the dilemma that often arises before the author in the planning and writing of a review is whether to focus on well-known, deeply studied common questions or whether to concentrate on details. The general advice that can be given to this effect – write a review on the most narrow issues relevant to the research tasks and explain the formulation of precisely such tasks.

Another criterion for the quality of the review – its compliance with the expectations of the scientific adviser – although subjective, nevertheless, we consider it necessary to separately specify it because of its high significance.

The qualitative content of the review is a prerequisite for the scientific supervisor to accept the review, but is not its guarantee.

Practice shows that a review of the literature on the same topic can be written according to completely different schemes (ie, according to different plans), and even within one scheme it is possible to differentiate the accents in different ways.

Since the literature review is ultimately assessed by the supervisor, it is very important to understand his requirements for the contents of the review as early as possible. This will avoid the situation in which the supervisor will not be satisfied with the content of the literature review, and also significantly reduce the time and labor resources for its preparation.

Article Review Writing Service

Article Review Writing Service

Review of the article is a summary and an evaluation of the article by another author. Often, such reviews are written about diploma projects, doctoral dissertations. This is mainly done by experts or professionals of a certain field. The main thing in the reviews is the logical step-by-step, the arguments that influenced the evaluation of the work. Also at the end of the article recommendations can be made regarding the work, what needs to be corrected or how to improve the project.

To write the review of article, you need to understand the audience. Write for those who understand a discussion subject. Such reviews aren’t in demand and are designed for narrower audience. During writing summarize the main ideas, you give examples, reason your opinion, and after already criticize deposits of this work and its efficiency.

Remember, reviewing an article is more than just an opinion. First of all, this is the answer to the author’s ideas. You can not criticize ideas and theories, based solely on your own research. Critical analysis of the article should be based on evidence and thoughtful reasoning. The review of the article is a response to the author’s research, but not a new scientific work.

Before you begin to read article, remember what it is important to pay attention to: important points, problems, information, solution of problems. Discuss positive aspects of article. Pay attention to the correct conclusions of the author, observation, a thought, etc. Find contradictions, discrepancies in the text. Whether it defines enough this for a research. Write out all questions and tasks which were set by the author and track whether on everything answers and solutions were found.

Read the article several times. Make notes using a marker or pen. Compare what you read with your knowledge about this topic. Remember, maybe you discussed the topic at conferences or lectures. Does the article support or contradict your knowledge? Pay attention to the importance of the article. Make sure that you fully understand what you are reading. Without understanding, you can’t write a review of the article. Write out all the unfamiliar terms, phrases, names and indicate their meaning. This will help you master what you didn’t know before.

Consider each point in the summary of article to define whether the author was exact. Write down all new deposits to area. Create the list of merits and demerits. Strength of article this accurate summation of a specific question, weak – lack of new information or decisions. In work use examples and references.

To write the correct and efficient review, answer the following questions concerning article: What theoretical structure of article?

Whether the basic concepts are clear interpreted?

Whether there corresponds the argument to a subject?

How does article fit into literature and area?

It advances knowledge of a subject?

What new contribution was made by the author?

Article review writing service

What is an article review?

It is a brief statement about  a particular article, its main theses and conclusions. This is a kind of professional article critique.

Why students have to write such works?

First of all, to improve their text analysis skills. Such tasks develops  the ability to understand a particular topic better and study it more detailed. In addition, by doing such writings, students significantly improve their writing skills, since it requires strict rules.

Of course, not everyone has an aptitude for writing such compositions. Some have difficulties with the text editing and structuring , for somebody it is simply too complicated. Some are too short in time, cause students have no end of different tasks.

But fortunately,  there are services where experienced paper writers works, who will always help with any problems.


Do not hesitate in the writers professionalism. They are qualified  in writing works of different types. They will take into account the methodology, problems and conclusions of the article, which should be analyzed.

In addition, such services work around the clock. And this is a significant advantage for students as we all know that learning takes a lot of time.

At any time, employees of these services can answer all your questions. And the work is always carried out at the set time.

Term Paper Writing Service

Term paper  is the final researching  work done by the student at the end of the term and represents a large part of grades. It  is a written work that reveals a topic in all its details.


When starting your term paper ,first of all, you need to choose a topic. You should be well acquainted with the subject of your course work, because it involves an author’s assessment.

Before you start writing, you need to make an outline for it. It will be a kind of skeleton, and it will be easier for you in the future. Such work should have an introduction, body and conclusions.

In general, the work contains three main components, but there are several important structural units of course work – a cover where your name, subject of work, the teacher’s name, course number and deadline are indicated. Contents – a brief thesis statement of the main positions of the work. After the introduction, body  and the conclusions, which we have already mentioned, you can add so-called discussion where you can ask a question on the topic, suggesting the reader to continue your ideas.


Finding and researching information is a complex and time-consuming process. And since coursework, like all the final tasks, is carried out at the end of the term, not all students have time to do everything well.

In such cases, specialists come to the aid of students.

The term paper writing services provide assistance in editing, formatting the text. Also, a professional paper writer  can help you in choosing a topic and properly structuring your work.

Therefore, do not hesitate and ask for help! And get brilliant marks as a result!

Types of essays

An essay can be written in different ways depending on the writer’s intentions and purposes. This is the main reason why there are so many types of essays.
Why is it necessary to know all the essay types? The thing is: knowing various types of essays will help you write in a defined direction avoiding writing down thoughts randomly.

Types of essays:

  • Descriptive essays. This type is used to describe things in different fields in spheres. For instance, cars, fashion, gadgets etc. Precise and clear descriptions help readers to keep up with recent developments.
  • Cause and effect essays. For this type of essay, either one cause is taken and all the consequences, which it led to, are examined thoroughly or a few causes, which led to one result, are studied.
  • Comparative essays. The purpose of such essays is to compare a few objects from different sides in order to give a reader a full understanding of theirs differences and similarities. The conclusion in such an essay is based on its objective.
  • Conceptual essays. This kind is used for examining various concepts. You can study different definitions of the same concept in different resources and draw your own conclusions.
  • Argumentative essays. The main aim of such essays is to convince readers using firm arguments. You also should encourage them to take action. To do so, you have to use illustration, specific examples, numbers which will prove your point of view. It isn’t easy to persuade people, make them change their thoughts. That’s why you ought to be ready for rejection and resistance.
  • Analytical essays. The defining element of these essays is analysis of any problem. For example, you want to find out how one artist’s activity influenced the other artists. So, you will study their works in order to detect regularities.


Subject-oriented types of essays are as follows:


  • Scientific-promotional essays. The writer should be able to help readers take a closer look at some scientific facts in an interesting form.
  • Fiction essays. Novels, short stories and tales are scrutinized in this type of essays.
  • Philosophical essays. An attitude towards some philosophical issues must be expressed in this kind.
  • Critical essays. Their objective is to give an objective point of view.

These are the most well-known types of essays in academic life.

If you are in two minds deciding what type of essay to write, you should study carefully the given task and figure out what you are supposed to reveal in your essay.

Argumentative Essay Writing Tips For Students

How to understand which platform to choose if you need an argumentative essay writing? Of course, this problem is very generalized, because the same service can ideal for one customer and the worst for another.

But, in any way, there are common things like – respective ratio, qualitative essays, responsible workers and long experience in the writing sphere – using which I found three platforms, which had the best rating from all suggested sites.

What for are working writing companies?

Often, the biggest part of such sites’ customers are undergraduates. While studying, they need to use essay writing service because of many reasons:

-They work hard during the free time and don’t have an ability to complete the tasks.

-They don’t have enough skills to get a good mark by some difficult subject.

-They can’t manage to write essays before deadlines.

And so on. The main thing is that the solving of all that problems exists and if you have a necessity to use it – just find an essay writer.

Which platforms are the best?

After trying large amount of platforms I can with confidence write that leaders in argumentative essay writing are NerdPro, Propapers and Edubirdie.

Why? Because, after all my experience in ordering essays this ones made their work better than others.

NerdPro is a Canadian company which works with undergraduates from all over the USA and England. The platform hires only experienced and high qualified authors, site has pretty fascinating design and low prices, so everybody can order writing services without any problems. Also, except argumentative essays, NerdPro has many other useful features.

Propapers is a USA platform, which works with customers around the world. The site is very understandable and quite simple, if you have questions you can always ask them in chat and one more advantage of the site is an ability to check how much will cost work which you need with all additional nuances using interactive platform’s calculator. Also Propapers has very cheap prices, which really shock!

Edbirdie is international company which provides its service to the US, UAE and UK. The platform has its own app in App Store and can suggest a lot of options additionally to argumentative essays.

So, as you understood from this article nowadays it isn’t difficult to get help in writing an argumentative essay for college or university. Consequently, don’t delay and use one of the sites today!