Article Review

Article Review Writing Service

Article Review Writing Service

Review of the article is a summary and an evaluation of the article by another author. Often, such reviews are written about diploma projects, doctoral dissertations. This is mainly done by experts or professionals of a certain field. The main thing in the reviews is the logical step-by-step, the arguments that influenced the evaluation of the work. Also at the end of the article recommendations can be made regarding the work, what needs to be corrected or how to improve the project.

To write the review of article, you need to understand the audience. Write for those who understand a discussion subject. Such reviews aren’t in demand and are designed for narrower audience. During writing summarize the main ideas, you give examples, reason your opinion, and after already criticize deposits of this work and its efficiency.

Remember, reviewing an article is more than just an opinion. First of all, this is the answer to the author’s ideas. You can not criticize ideas and theories, based solely on your own research. Critical analysis of the article should be based on evidence and thoughtful reasoning. The review of the article is a response to the author’s research, but not a new scientific work.

Before you begin to read article, remember what it is important to pay attention to: important points, problems, information, solution of problems. Discuss positive aspects of article. Pay attention to the correct conclusions of the author, observation, a thought, etc. Find contradictions, discrepancies in the text. Whether it defines enough this for a research. Write out all questions and tasks which were set by the author and track whether on everything answers and solutions were found.

Read the article several times. Make notes using a marker or pen. Compare what you read with your knowledge about this topic. Remember, maybe you discussed the topic at conferences or lectures. Does the article support or contradict your knowledge? Pay attention to the importance of the article. Make sure that you fully understand what you are reading. Without understanding, you can’t write a review of the article. Write out all the unfamiliar terms, phrases, names and indicate their meaning. This will help you master what you didn’t know before.

Consider each point in the summary of article to define whether the author was exact. Write down all new deposits to area. Create the list of merits and demerits. Strength of article this accurate summation of a specific question, weak – lack of new information or decisions. In work use examples and references.

To write the correct and efficient review, answer the following questions concerning article: What theoretical structure of article?

Whether the basic concepts are clear interpreted?

Whether there corresponds the argument to a subject?

How does article fit into literature and area?

It advances knowledge of a subject?

What new contribution was made by the author?